Account Settings is a service for managing accounts, setting up account information, managing account users, and billing invoices.


Before starting to work with the system, the user is redirected to the authentication page. To enter the system, you need to fill in the fields: Username and Password.

After filling in the credentials, click Log in and start working with the service.

Interface Overview

Main page example:

The ICDC Account Settings service interface can be roughly divided into two parts:
Side navigation bar:

  1. Home button - go to the main page (a) of ICDC services;
  2. Account button - Account tab, which provides information about the account and account administrator;
  3. Users button – Users tab, which provides information about users in an account;
  4. Billing button –Billing tab, which provides billing contact and service provider information, invoices information.

Control panel:

  1. Help button – Help&assistance for user manual and Support for support request;
  2. Location - Currently selected location;
  3. Information on the current user;
  4. Account and overview.

Under the dropdown menu the user can see their Username, change account, language settings and logout.

Do you have any questions? You can ask your local technical support a question.

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