Invoices tab

Using the Invoicing functionality, invoices are generated for the operator’s customers.
The Invoices tab is for editing invoices that are generated monthly based on consumed resources. The tab displays a list of invoices for all the operator’s customers located in the location region. Invoices are updated hourly. An invoice can have 4 statuses:

  • draft;
  • paid;
  • unpaid;
  • past due.

Automated switching of the invoice to different statuses. From the draft status, the invoice automatically switches to the “not paid” status on the second day of each month following the reporting one. At the time of payment confirmation, the status is automatically switches to “paid”. It is possible to set the status “expired” manually.

By clicking on the name of the invoice, a new window will be available to view the document in pdf-format.

Invoice editing:

  1. Click edit button (pencil icon) in the required invoice
  2. Title, Due To date, Status, Payment Method and Payment date can be edited in the modal window
  3. Click Save