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Location Admin is a service for Location Owners that allows them to manage locations.

Operator – the owner of a public/private cloud business in whose locations (at least 1) the ICDC platform is deployed. The Operator’s or other owner’s equipment is used as the infrastructure. The operator assigns a location administrator who has the following capabilities:

  • accounting for accounts in various locations;
  • accounting for the consumption of location resources;
  • billing for consumed resources.

Note: one account can exist in different locations.

Interface Overview

Main page example:

The ICDC Location Admin service interface can be roughly divided into two parts:
Side navigation bar:
a) Home button - go to the main page (a) of ICDC services;
b) General - tab displays general information about the service;
c) Accounts tab displays account information;
d) The Service Delivery tab is designed to display information on releases and updates of ICDC services and subscriptions to them - in development.
e) The Admin Consoles tab contains links to web consoles of supporting and low-level systems.

Control panel:

  1. Help button – Help&assistance for user manual and Support for support request;
  2. Location - Currently selected location;
  3. Information on the current user (Admin);

Under the dropdown menu the user can see their Username, change account, language settings and logout.

Do you have any questions? You can ask your local technical support a question.

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