Location Admin is a service for Location Owners that allows them to manage locations.
The service also allows to manage accounts, billing resources and invoices based on resource consumption.

Operator – the owner of a public/private cloud business in whose locations (at least 1) the ICDC platform is deployed. The Operator’s or other owner’s equipment is used as the infrastructure. The operator assigns a location administrator who has the following capabilities:

  • accounting for accounts in various locations;
  • accounting for the consumption of location resources;
  • billing for consumed resources.

Note: one account can exist in different locations.


Before starting to work with the system, the user is redirected to the authentication page. To enter the system, you need to fill in the fields: Username and Password.

After filling in the credentials, click Log in and start working with the service.

Interface Overview

Main page example:

The ICDC Location Admin service interface can be roughly divided into two parts:
Side navigation bar:

  1. Home button - go to the main page (a) of ICDC services;
  2. General - tab, which provides general information and information about Home page;
  3. Accounts button - tab, which provides information about the accounts;
  4. Clusters button – developing tab;
  5. Quotas button – developing tab;
  6. Payment System - tab, which display private and publishable keys from Stripe;
  7. Invoices - tab, which provides information about invoices of consumed resources;
  8. Service Delivery- developing tab.

Control panel:

  1. Help button – Help&assistance for user manual and Support for support request;
  2. Location - Currently selected location;
  3. Information on the current user (Admin);

Under the dropdown menu the user can see their Username, change account, language settings and logout.

Do you have any questions? You can ask your local technical support a question.

Best regards,
ICDC team.