How to Add Disks?

After adding a block device for the VM, you need to create a partition and format it into the required file system.

  1. Start (starting from 8 version- right click on the start icon) -> run -> diskmgmt.msc.

  2. Initialize Disk -> Select the new disk and the required partition table -> OK.


  1. Right-click on unallocated disk space -> New Simple Volume

new volume

Then set the size, letter, and file system of the new partition.

How to Extend a Drive?

First of all, the VM must be turned off. Then you need to contact the support to add unallocated space for a specific disk.

After the support team has allocated additional space, you can attach it to the disk needed by following the steps below:

  1. Start -> Run -> enter diskmgmt.msc.


  1. Proceed to Disk management.


  1. Right-click on drive C:, click Extend Volume....


  1. Next - opening of Volume Wizard.


  1. Next - expanding of disk space.


  1. Finish - end of working with Volume Wizard.


  1. The disk was extended. The result will be shown in the Disk Management window.