Main Pages Overview

After logging into the system, you will find yourself on the My services tab. In the left menu, there are also tabs Service catalog, Reports, Resources, and Support.

The users in the admin and billing groups can also access the tabs Projects and Users.

My Services

For users (members): list of user services
For billing managers and administrators: list of account or project services

The My Services tab displays all user’s services provided with their characteristics:

  • Power indicator;
  • Service Name;
  • Physical Location of the service;
  • Project
  • VMS - number of virtual machines;
  • Resources usage (CPU, RAM, Disk);
  • Service Owner.

You can apply different filters and sort the list of your services.


Note: the icon next to the service owner indicates whether the service belongs to the current user or is shared by another one.

Service Catalog

The Services Catalog tab is available only for member users and contains templates from which you can deploy a ready-to-use service. After selecting the template you will need to set up the required paraments in order to deploy.
To find the required template you can also use the filter on the top.
The templates recently added to the directory are marked as New.


Service catalog documentation


The Reports tab contains information on the current state of the ordered services, as well as resources consumed by them:

  • Service name;
  • Project;
  • Location - physical service allocation;
  • Owner;
  • CPU - number of virtual processors;
  • Memory - the amount of reserved memory;
  • Storage(Fast,Medium,Slow) - reserved disk space;
  • Backup Size - the size of the backup copy;
  • Uptime - number of working hours.

Users in the admin and billing groups can view reports on all users’ services, whereby the Cost column will be available for billing users only.


The Resources tab provides information about the number of computing resources available and used that are limited to the quota set for the account or project in the selected location.

If necessary, billing users can order additional resources by clicking on the Request quotas button.

Quota consists of three parameters:

  • CPU - the number of virtual processors;
  • RAM - the amount of reserved memory;
  • Disk - the amount of reserved disk space.


The Projects tab provides information on projects of the account and is available only for the users in admin and billing groups.

The table displays the following data:

  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Number of users

The other parameters, such as resource usage, can be found in the Info section.

Users in the admin group can create and delete projects as well as change their settings.


The Users tab provides information on the team’s participants for users in the admin and billing groups.

Here are listed all account or project members as well as their roles:


From the Support page, you can go to:

  • HelpDesk and list of requests from card Support Request;
  • documentation page - card Documentation;
  • official website - card Community;
  • information about ICDC Compute - card About Cloud.