Restoring from Backup

In order to restore the information from the backup, you just need to click the icon of the necessary backup. After that, a recovery confirmation modal window with a warning about the loss of the current settings of the service will appear.


After confirming the information recovery from the backup and clicking the Restore button, the recovery process will start, which may take some time (usually less than half an hour).

After restoring completion the user will be offered 2 options: Save and Rollback:


The restored version replaces the current one. After confirming the action, the changes will be introduced. save_backup_changes


The restored version is deleted, the current version remains. After confirming the action, the changes will be introduced.

Note: Restoring from a backup the IP address of the virtual machine changes.

If data transfer is required, the user needs to:

  • restore a virtual machine from a backup (without pressing Save/Rollback);
  • connect to the restored machine, copy the necessary data (press Rollback);
  • transfer the copied data to the current virtual machine.