Adding and Extending Disks

Adding New Disks

You can add more disks to the existing virtual machines. After adding the disk to the service, the undistributed disk will be automatically added to the virtual machine.

To do it, click the additional actions icon on the right side of the virtual machine information field. Then press the Reconfigure button.

In the opened reconfiguration window, click the Add disk button.

Then choose disk type and enter disk size (GB):

Press Apply to add a new disk and Save to confirm the VM’s changes. After that, you have to add a partition and format it to the required file system: Windows or Linux.

Expanding disk sizes

To resize disks, please contact support and then you need to expand partition from the operating system for Windows or Linux.

Deleting Disks

Added disks can be deleted. To do this, click the delete icon in the reconfiguration window: