Support Service

Customer Support is a group of specialists responsible for handling user requests, i.e. execution of maintenance requests or standard changes, processing requests for detailed information and advice, for the most rapid service restoration and works to eliminate technical failures.

How to Contact the Support

Users can contact support with the help of one of the following ways:

  • press the Help button in header and fill in the request form
  • by sending an email to your local support service
  • by contacting your local support specialists via phone.

Requirements for filling in the tickets

When submitting a request, you should fully and accurately describe the reason. In case of giving insufficient amount of information, the support specialist may request additional information by returning the request to you. Therefore, it is recommended to provide the information in the most comprehensive way.

All applications received from users are mandatory documented in the information system of the support service.

Support Business Hours

Support business hours: from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. All user requests are processed only during business hours.

You can send a message any time (24x7). It will be reviewed by the support team within an hour during business hours.

The time limits for resolving user requests are set and controlled depending on the priority. Initially, the priority is set by the user when opening the ticket. The support specialist can change the priority value of the request.

Request Priority Criterion for setting the value for priority Time of the request resolution
Critical Inability to work due to inaccessibility of the system, loss of data. 4 hours
High Incorrect operation or failure of the main functions 24 hours
Medium Inoperability of additional functionality 48 hours
Low The deadline for the execution of work on these requests is not critical. Includes requests for information and advice, service requests, standard change requests. 72 hours

Users Notifications

You receive automatic notifications about the progress of the support service over the open tickets. Notifications are sent in the following cases:

  • changing the ticket status (ticket opening, accepting a request for work, ticket closing);
  • changing the priority of the ticket by a support specialist;
  • returning a ticket to you in order to request additional information.