VPC Networks

In the VPC Networks tab, the serviсe users can view the information about network connections of account’s projects on the selected location.
For each network in the general list, the following information is displayed in the full or short form:

  1. Name - unique network name;
  2. Subnet: IP address of the associated subnetwork (can be copied to the clipboard);
  3. IP Type - IPv4 or IPv6 (IPv6 is currently not supported);
  4. DNS - IP address of the DNS server (can be copied to the clipboard);
  5. Assigned VM NICs - number of assigned network interfaces;
  6. Settings menu (and NIC VM information).

Network creation and configuration

To add a new network, press button Create VPC network.

In the dialog window, enter the name (up to 20 symbols, lower case) and title (optional) of the new network,
then enable the checkbox to add a subnet (optional), specify the IP address of the DNS server, and click Save.

The network will be added to the list.

To delete the network, click on the trash bin in its line and confirm the action in the modal window.