ICDC OpenShift is a web service for managing users and allocating resources for OpenShift projects. The service is designed for project administrators. The main page lists the projects available to the user. Projects are created and assigned by Project Manager in ICDC Projects.

At the moment, ICDC OpenShift provides two environments: development and production. It is understood that the OpenShift development namespace includes dev/build/qa/uat/ stage applications and services, and the OpenShift production namespace, respectively, preprod/prod. You can also use only one of the development/production environments - for this, it is enough to distribute the entire quota for the selected environment and clear the list of users for the unused environment in the OpenShift service.


Quick Start

For a detailed description of the main page go to the Interface Overview section.
To learn about setting up and editing a project go to the My Projects - Overview section.

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