ICDC Outrun Cloud is a public accessible containerized application orchestration service managed by a location provider. It provides rapid provisioning of the necessary resources to develop and deploy microservice applications.

An Instance refers to a group of kubernetes namespaces that are allocated to a specific logical project. The Outrun Cloud service allows you to create and manage instances. After they are created, you can connect to the Outrun Cloud cluster using the Web console or through the Command line by following the links available on the main screen of the service.

Interface Š˛verview

The ICDC Outrun Cloud service interface can be divided into two parts:

Side navigation bar:
a) Home button - navigate to the main page of ICDC services.
b) The Instances tab - the Instances tab, which provides information about instances and namespaces.

Control panel:

  1. Help button - a link to the service documentation;
  2. Location on which the information is displayed;
  3. Information on the current user;
  4. Project configuration and overview.

Under the dropdown menu, the user can view their username, change their account, adjust language settings, and log out.